The Curious Case of the COVID Conspiracy Christian

Illustration by MartypeCo / Envato Elements, edited by the author

I know some Christians who believe that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned. They don’t know the who or the how. They have a lot of theories, and as for proof, no sorry, they don’t have that. Despite this, they are sure they know the why: to control people, especially Christians. I am writing this, curious reader, as much for myself as to inform you. I needed to think this through so that I could try to understand this type of thinking, so that I can guard myself from making the same mistake, and perhaps try to change minds with love and logic.

The COVID conspiracy narrative makes it easier for people to cope with change. It is less scary to them to think that a pandemic was planned than to think that God would allow such a thing to happen in their lifetime. It also makes them feel special, because they feel persecuted for being righteous (better than others). Another benefit of the Christian persecution complex is that it justifies bad behavior. I can be a little mean and angry, after all, look what’s being done to me!

Everything comes at a cost, and conspiracy thinking prevents Christians from reflecting the love of God in their words, actions, and prayers. They pray for Christians to “win” by owning the libs, and to be prosperous with health and wealth, when instead they should be praying for those who are hurting from the pandemic, those who are sick, and those who have lost a loved one. They have missed the point of prayer — a way to soften your heart so that you can reject fear, anger, and trauma, and learn to open up in empathy to other people. To engage in transactions that feed souls with genuine care and kindness, which in turn feeds our own. Instead, their hearts are hardened, even as they pray. They demand things from God — they claim healing of physical ailments that they believe is their right. I don’t believe in demanding things from God, but asking nicely is okay, and I think that this is best to do privately. When praying healing over someone publicly and repeatedly, if healing doesn’t come, it is abusive to the sick person, especially if they are a child because it makes them think that they did something wrong, or that they are spiritually defective. It is better to pray for God to show you how to support that person through their illness, in practical ways. One of the things that I love about my non-Christian friends is that they never pray for me. Isn’t that funny? What it means is that I never feel judged by them. When something is going wrong with me, they just listen, and provide support.

Conspiracy thinking prevents Christians from behaving with consideration for others. They believe that since the pandemic is planned, masks are not necessary. This one is maddening, because they have seen people be sick and die — they have been sick with COVID themselves most likely, so they know the virus is real and spreads through the air. The mask, to them, is another form of control from the mystery oppressor. They also don’t feel the need to get vaccinated to help slow transmission. They often point to how the current strain of the virus has outpaced the vaccines, which is a poor argument against their usefulness. The vaccines have been shown to create a less severe infection, as well as to prevent the likelihood of death, and scientifically speaking, if we had higher vaccination rates early on, the virus would have had less chances to spread and evolve. This goes beyond excuses for laziness, into the realm of aggression. It is a rejection of science, one of God’s greatest gifts.

Shout out to my Christian friends who are very responsible and caring, in every way. When you pray for me and with me, all I feel is compassion, and I am so grateful for you! It is my prayer that COVID conspiracy Christians will be able to let go of fear, pride and their persecution complex, so that nothing can stand in the way of them showing real love and kindness to others in practical ways. And I hope that they also pray for me, because I want to be perfect, just like them.

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