A Trip on the Trump Express

Yes, I believe that God chose Trump to be the president, it was all part of the plan — a plan to expose a festering cancer that lives deep in the body of American Evangelical Christian culture. The Trump presidency exposed a vocal group of people on the religious right to be seen for who they really are — people who call themselves Christians, but are fueled by their fear of and hatred for minorities, gays, and liberals.

A group that has existed and used religion for purposes of power and pride for decades. Through their words and actions, these Christian Trump supporters have shown who they really serve (Hint: not God). Before I call out this group by name, let’s look at Trump supporters as a whole.

Who are Trump supporters? Not the people who may have once supported him, but the long-haul diehards who are still on board the Trump train. We know that he still scores big points with people who:

Toot toot! All abooaaarrrd! Ticket please, and take a seat. You look around the train interior. Who do you see? Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and ALL the QAnon people. But wait, no, could it be? You see a group in the back, mostly White, toting Bibles, proclaiming the power of the blood of Jesus (but not much about what he actually taught), and dictating their will through megaphones across the American landscape.

The White evangelical fundamentalists are here, and they seem really pumped! They don’t seem the least bit bothered by the other passengers. By all rights, they should be ashamed to associate with the violent and hateful, and with those who bow to the idol of conspiracy theories. Instead, they are proud, and they are loud!

They do not even try to hide their self-serving nature but have rather warped scripture to justify it. White evangelical fundamentalists have been exposed. Those who consider themselves as such but do not support Trump are in the minority and are silent, and their silence is equal to complicity.

There are many people who identify as Christian but are not on the Trump train. As one of them, I have a responsibility to call out the hypocrisy of those claiming to follow Christ and his example, who have in reality lifted up Trump as their new messiah.

These toxic people, Christian in culture, but not in their hearts, have been exposed to the world for who they really are, and it’s time for the rest of the American Church to detach, denounce, and detoxify.

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