About Me

Majken Bullard

Hello! I write from the perspective of a non-denominational Christian and point out the influence of toxic Christian-derived culture in America. Understanding it is an important step for people of all beliefs to work together to limit its power and heal from its negative effects.

I grew up in a Christian fundamentalist family and noticed the values of the Church looking less and less like what Jesus valued and more like a desire for power and pride. I made the split from fundamentalism a few years ago after seeing the fundamentalist Church merge with the Republican party in all but name.

A large part of my writing involves pointing out common flaws and inconsistencies in biblical interpretation, also known as hermeneutics, and denounces popular conservative views that devalue the lives and rights of those in the LGBTQIA and non-White communities, as well as those who need safe and reliable access to abortions, to name a few.

I am also a graphic designer, children’s book author and illustrator, and mom to two very cool kids. You can see some of my work at majkenb.design.