• On the Practical Nature of Sneezing

    On the Practical Nature of Sneezing
    How the metaphor of illness brings clarity to the state of Christian Culture in America

    As I write this post, I have COVID-19 for the second time this month. I am grateful for the vaccine that has prepared my body for the internal battle that rages within. It is amazing (in the worst way) how contagious the new strains have become. Being sick so frequently started out being a real bummer. We had to cancel a trip to Seattle to see friends and family. But getting past that, I have had the opportunity to slow down and connect with myself and search God’s healing power and will in my life through much needed prayer, Bible study, reading, and introspection.

  • Living Authentically for Jesus

    Living Authentically for Jesus

    Why is it ok for ancient Roman culture to inform Christian holiday celebrations, but not ok for current American culture to inform Christian views on marriage, abortion, and guns, according to fundamentalists? Adopting pagan influences from the Romans allowed Christians in that time to make the Gospel more relatable to people, and adopting current views on today’s political issues will have the same positive effect.